Monday, November 30, 2009

gobble gobbled..

i am very thankful first off for a phone call from my dear lara 2 nights before thanksgiving..
lara- "so i have been cooking all day and am exhausted.."
me- (sipping on my glass of wine) "really? why? i am just going to cook it all thursday will be a cinch.."
lara- "are you crazy? you need to prep, saute, assemble and be ready BY thursday"
me- "ok."

so... this was wednesday..
4, yes 4 hours of prepping....

this was me..or ehh-hemm this was makena thursday...
basting the turkey..

everything was delicious if i do say so myself, and it went sooo smooth...
here is the only picture i took and it isn't everything but i meant the cooking part went smooth..
 the where do i sit and what do i do with the kids and where is my plate part..
not so smooth..

but we figured it out and we had a feast...
it was my first homemade thanksgiving with my amazing lovable crazy family..
 and i loved it..
all of it..

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