Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 days til' christmas

this little elf has been busy.
we have 10 days until the big day. has it hit you yet?
i have been making these and am so excited to gift them this year....
can you guess what they are?
leave a comment by monday {the the 21st} and i will randomly pick a winner to mail one to...
your chances are pretty good since only 2 people read this.. :)


Anonymous said...

Handkerchief? They are adorable! ♥ Stacey

Lara said...

ooooo... I know I know...pick me!!
Is it fair if I play this??
You are truly so creative!
love you

Nikki said...

Very pretty... my guess is an apron! -Nikki

ali said...

um...i have no idea, but they look so cute. maybe a tablecloth?