Wednesday, April 28, 2010

train.. train.. don't go away!!

we took the train to old town san diego..
we decided to walk to the train..
ahh-hemm.. not a good decision..
as i rounded the corner.. i see the train pull into the station.. i then grabbed chloe by her little arm, dragged her through prickly shrubs, a parking lot and i think we actually hurdled a bench??!!
 all while screaming to makena to "HURRY UP.. HURRRRRRRYYYY"..
i was sweating..
the girls were in shock..
 and everyone on the train was toally staring..
we made it..
it was a beautiful train ride.. we met damian and had amazing mexican food, bought lots of candy and felt like we were on vacation..

so.. i didn't get any pictures of our actual lunch..
 it is THAT delicious..
i inhaled it 3/4 through before i even had that thought..

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