Tuesday, June 01, 2010

3 days at the beach and more

this was a great long weekend..
it started with these
multi grain muffins and the fam inhaled them
we went to the beach everyday..
the girls play, play, play and we can now lay, lay, lay..
so exciting.
do you now what a huge milestone that in itself is????

we got our first popsicle from the ice cream man.
Damian spotted an AMAZING vintage steamer trunk down an alley on our way home from the beach yesterday..
i have wanted one of those for as long as i can remember.
we shoved it the back along beach chairs, shovels and our cooler and we were off!
picture coming once i figure out where? to put it.

we had a great neighborhood party..
the last 10 or so kiddos all crashed around 11pm watching a barbie movie on the floor..

 don't you take a lollipop break when riding a bike...

me and my oldest..
open house for my soon to be graduating kindergartner..

best dad ever.. he is volunteering in her class next week..
she is so happy and he is in for it..
soon it will be summer again..
hip hip hooray!!

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