Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my little acrobat

our little girl has 2 days left of kindergarten!
it goes so fast.. i am so trying to savor every second and it is still just zooooming by..
so sad..

yesterday was her BIG end of year CIRCUS performance..
 she has been practicing so diligently..
she wouldn't dare tell us what her costume looked like because it was " a surprise"..
 she was singing circus tunes all around the house for weeks..
ohh! and the somersaults?? we had to do a lot of work on those..
they had to be perfect..
it allll paid off though!

my little acrobat..
i can't look..
 she is tooo cute!
i want to squeeze her!

me- proud as pie...
{is that a saying??}

we brought big yellow flowers to present to her after the performance..
as if she was on broadway ..
chloe clapped and clapped for her sister..
she was sooo very proud too!

my handsome hubby and then me smothering as usual..

her b.f.f. maddie was a clown..
these two l.o.v.e. eachother..
so cute.


off to first grade?
but she was just in my belly?

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