Wednesday, October 13, 2010

favorite and not so favorite

the girls LOVE to draw..
this is makena's sunset..
for sure a favorite.
books are always a favorite.
right now chloe is obsessed with fancy nancy..
pretty much her twin.

a new favorite.
and if you have not tried this delicious. heavenly. spectacular. coffee cake from trader joe's..
walk away from your computer, grab your keys, get in your car and go buy it.
it is sooo good.

not a favorite.
this is the post it note i got from the photographer from chloe's FIRST school picture..
ya. they were pretty bad.
you could even see her sweet teacher's arm in the picture because she was in her lap.
she was not havin' it..
maybe there is a camera in her face tooo much as it is she was no way going to let SOMEONE else start trying to make her "SAY CHEESE"..
i am still going to order them.
we will laugh with her one day..

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