Monday, April 25, 2011

sugar cubes and art


i am so in love with hot pink right now.
i am trying to buy more color...


i now officially have each of the girls "first piece of art" framed..
i have waited patiently with both girls for that one picture that is handed to me for the first time that they are so proud of and you just know it is so special to them and me..


big salads.. {remember seinfeld?}
for earth day we walked to and from school, didn't drive all day and did "no cook" meals all day..
i took my time and made this salad with romaine lettuce, avocado, feta, grape tomatoes, onion and a raspberry vinagrette from trader joe's..
salads are so time consuming but when i am grazing after it is all said and done..
it is quite rewarding..


again.. our earth day dinner sandwich.. 
caprese! need i say more.. 


ok.. totally random and a bit strange..
but there is something SO joyful about sugar cubes..
when i have the opportunity of saying "one lump or two?"
it makes me so happy..
 the other day i went to get a lump for my coffee and the sugar bowl was empty..
i have a feeling the girls may love these as much as i do..

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Lara said...

I LOVE sugar cubes, too!! I can never find them though. Can't wait for some tea at your pad and I'll have one lump pleeeease!! ;)