Wednesday, April 27, 2011

gracelend.. creamsicles and a lilac rose..

i went to visit my grandparents this weekend..
i sat in the quiet and we chatted about life.. my wonderful husband and kids.. photography, the half marathon we just ran, cooking, i watched my grandpa cut a coupon.. he loves coupons and whenever you visit.. he always has a ton to give you..
"you eat turkey?.. here is a coupon for turkey.."
my grandma and i went for a stroll along my grandma's GORGEOUS rose garden..
for as long as i can remember, my grandma has had beautiful roses..
i remember her pruning them and speaking spanish to her gardner with detailed instructions..
she is part spanish.. i have always loved that about her too..
so these yellow beauties are called the graceland rose named after elvis..
i was reading they are no longer in production..
makes them even more special..


i am totally drawn to these gorgeous lilac colored roses..
you don't see this color very often..
it is so lovely..


and this pastel orange reminds me of creamsicles and sherbert ice cream..
isn't mother nature such a diva?
she creates some beautiful eye candy..


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