Monday, May 09, 2011

being mom

i mean really?
who am i to be telling anyone yes, no, that's right, that's wrong..
this is how you are suppose to do this..
do as i say not as i do {ah-hem college..}
you can think that what you are doing is the right thing today but look back tomorrow and say..
"what was i thinking"
dividing your time and energy equally..
dedicating it all to your family but trying to "keep it real" with the girl you once were...
guiding the girls to be independent strong ladies..  make the right choices on their own but also knowing when to step in and show them..
i am not a "i know everything" kind of person..
i will totally say"mommy doesn't know, let's google it"..
{more frequently than i care to admit actually}
i want them to know mistakes are ok to make as long as you learn... and art is never wrong.. always try your best.. milk is a good choice for a drink.. to be kind to everyone and make lots of friends..
i want them to know they are so smart and have gorgeous hair that people pay good money to try to get those shades of blonde..
{not fair really}
to always use your manners..
above anything i want them to just be confident, happy kids and adults..
i love being a mom to these gorgeous girls and wife to this amazing guy..
we have this wonderful love that i feel is a miracle, really..
i am not perfect..  
{that is an understatement for sure}
but i feel my hubby and daughters think i am..
what mom says goes..
it is great and all.. but really?
who am i??
i am one lucky gal.. that is for sure..
 mistakes or not.. at this time.. i am doing my best.
and i hope i am getting it right.
how can the heart lead you wrong?
i certainly hope it can't because when it comes down to it..
 that is all i do..
follow my heart..

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Anonymous said...

We are the ones who are lucky and blessed to have you as our mom, wife, and best friend. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!