Friday, July 22, 2011


so as moms, we are crazy busy and do not have a lot of time to pamper..
i think i have got it down pretty good on how to get out of the house quickly without looking like i should still be in bed.

this is my everyday routine.
kinda boring for some but for me it is quick. easy and does the trick

i think good skin is the key to looking fresh.
my clarisonic is first the thing i do {after brushing my teeth of course} every morning.
it is magic. total magic.
it is my 1 minute facial..
your face literally shines after you use it..
i love it and would grab it in a fire..

{Dry Shampoo}

i have always envied the ladies who wash their hair every other day..
"ohh my hair is best dirty"
really? because i look like a dirt ball who is living under a bridge if i do not wash it everyday..
but then i tried dry shampoo..
i spray it on, let it sit and brush it out.
voila' second day hair is good and MAYBE a bit better if i am running a curling iron through it for some soft waves.
{let's not get crazy here.. that is VERY rare}


third on my list is NARS orgasm blush and laguna bronzer duo..
can you say magnificent?  it gives me a glow and a bit of flush to my skin..
sheer...natural.. sun kissed..

{Lip Gloss}

any kind really. just a bit of sparkle to you lips makes you feel so pretty...
sometimes i am in the mood for peachy.. sometimes pink.
i love me a new lip gloss!
this one is MAC ample pink.
it is always in my bag. a great gloss with any and everything.

{Nail Polish}

when my nails are painted i just feel put together..
it is hard to explain..
i stare at my nails a lot when they are painted..
they just make me happy..
a $10 manicure is a great investment!
this is essie nail polish which i love and it lasts for a long time and they have amazing colors.


this is so easy! throw on a pair of fabulous earrings.. you would be surprised at how great you will feel! 
i have a ton {too many}.. but throw on a pair and i am not kidding, you are totally put together..
jeans. tee shirt. sandals..
even the most basic outfit with a good pair of earrings makes you mommy chic- alicious

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Clarisonic said...

Thanks for your glowing review of the Mia! We're so happy to have you in the Clarisonic Family. Cheers!