Monday, September 12, 2011

back from glorious new york city

i have SO. many. photos.
we had such an amazing time..
it was quite an emotional trip..
there is so much eye candy and excitement in that fabulous city...
all beautiful landmarks are stunning..
new york is for sure the classiest girl i know..
being there for the 10 yr anniversary of 9/11 was very intense..
a blackout in san diego had me on pins and needles..
missing my daughter scoring her FIRST soccer goal was a bit sad..
 winning the trip and leading up to it was a whirlwind..
and being in a great city with the love of my life on our 9 year anniversary was an absolute dream..
i am now unpacked.
i am now home.
i cried and hugged my girls for 20 minutes while they were fast asleep when we got home..
i finally got a great nights sleep
and all the dust has settled.
  i am so excited to document all these ups and downs because it was an amazing experience and i feel like one lucky girl to of been in new york city!!!
it was spectacular..

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BabyBumpBeyond said...

I can't wait to see all of your fabulous photos!