Saturday, October 01, 2011


for my oldest.. 7 years young now..

i have been searching and searching to find that twinkle..

that sparkle..

some sort of love for something fun..

we have tried dance, golf, tennis, art..

none were fabulously fun for her..

last year we played soccer, she even played on the all star team..

i mean, she was good.. 

{of course.. right ahh-hemm}..

but she didn't have sparkle..

i mean like... I LOVE SOCCER and am going to SCORE!!

do you know what i am talking about?

well, this year..

this year she has a sparkle..

it is amazing to watch..

something that she loves..

something she is SO happy doing..

she takes her soccer ball in the backyard and dribbles on her own..

she is ready for her games on time and i don't have to bark..

she is truly excited and happy when she is playing..

it is a pretty fabulous thing..

finding that sparkle..

starting line up.. how cute are they?
she is on the far right..

i brought out the big daddy camera last week like a huge nerd to shoot a few photos and little one scored..
glad i did and this photo is priceless..
i am a huge braggy mom right now and i am sorry.. 
we can change the subject and talk about how my clean laundry is piled so high and not put away my daughters fish through it to find clean underwear?
how i just unloaded my dishwasher to fill it right back up with a sink full of dirty dishes and run it again..
life has been so crazy around here lately..

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