Friday, October 28, 2011

happy friday!

what a great week.. it is totally feeling like fall... crisp, breezy and a bit sunny.. i noticed yellow leaves on a tree, it's getting dark earlier and earlier.. and i have started baking a bit more..
yes. definitely signs of fall.
i have also been making these roasted veggie tacos a couple times a week..
there are so many yummy veggies right now so you can use whatever you want..
it will be just as delish..

 i did butternut squash because it is my ABSOLUTE favorite..
we are bff's..
broccoli, red pepper, purple cauliflower and onion..
chop up all delicious bursts of color..
i was so excited when i found purple cauliflower isn't is so pretty?

i tossed in olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.. 
375 degrees for 45ish minutes..
i scooped the veggies on a warmed tortilla and topped it with sour cream, avocado and some hot sauce..
so good and so healthy.
{the best part}
so easy!!

happy friday my friends!

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