Monday, October 24, 2011


my anchovy creative {isn't that the best name ever?} stamp was hand delivered by the sweet anne herself this weekend and i began stamping and water coloring right away..

i really like the idea of a handmade card.. 
it is so personal..
just like a photo.
i was inspired by some invitations she did for a wedding..
yes. she water colored wedding invites..
she is awesome.

i have started packaging my hex bracelets like this.. it makes the gift giving part of it easy.. that is if you are gifting them?

hubby was sick and so i.. in between photo shoots.. played pet shop in the garage/playroom, grocery shopped, did laundry and made {stuff}..
it was a creative and productive kind of weekend..
i love this photo hubby shot.. he is so sneaky..


Anonymous said...

i rec'd the hex bracelet and i love it. thanks! :)

fawn said...

so glad!! thanks again!! xx

Anonymous said...

LoVe the stamp and all of it's uniqueness! Awesome!

-Kelly Siebert

Anonymous said...

Love the stamps! Wish their web site was live so I could learn more!