Wednesday, October 19, 2011

YUBZ is fabulous!

so i have to share my new toy with you. 
geeky mom is going to speak for a minute {or 2}..
this is the coolest headset that plugs into your phone..
yes. my iphone, your iphone, blackberry,  droid... and more..
it reduces radiation by 96% which is huge considering our little ones chat on our phones so much too.. and it is seriously SO much more comfy while sitting on the couch blabbing away..
if i leaned this against my shoulder while driving and talking would it still be considered hands free?
but anyway.. i think sometimes old school IS way cooler..
my girls LOVE it and i do not have to be concerned about my iphone slipping out of their little hands and shattering before my eyes....
it is lightweight and really clear and loud enough to actually hear well..
little c does not know what a REAL telephone looks like..
we were doing flashcards a few months ago and we came to a "T" with a picture of a telephone on it and she stopped and says "what is that?"
i realized, she has never seen a real phone let alone the old school "retro" phone as the cool kids call it these days..

i am planning on snatching these up as gifts for christmas for anyone i can think of ..
it is a PERFECT gift for that white elephant party.
$49 bucks and you can get it right here..
it comes in tons of colors, even a bling bling gold..

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SurferWife said...

Holy Fun, Batman! I totally want one of those!