Friday, December 23, 2011

from the bottom of my cheesy, corny heart..

i am sitting in my living room, my newly painted red toes plopped up on a pillow drying and a cup of green tea cooling next to me as i surf the web. WHY is it so quiet and peaceful? hubby took the girls to get my christmas gift! i have the house allll to myself.. i am doing some blog surfing because i never get that luxury anymore.. there is always an email to answer.. a photo to edit or a blog post to get to..maybe a house to clean?{i said mayyyybe} so.. i decide to plug in my website. you see.. i never see my website.. i work, i shoot, i edit, i blog..and repeat.. but i never cruise my site like a client would. so i just did. i sat blowing on my steaming tea and watched my whole front page of photos flashing.. i have to tell you i got a bit emotional.. {maybe teary?} ahh-hem.... looking at all the gorgeous, amazing, supportive, kind, nice, WONDERFUL, fun, happy,  people that make up my portfolio is so surreal.. the moments i've had with them are fabulous..i mean i really can not believe this incredible year i have had.. all the support that i have had for something i am so passionate about.. i get goosebumps when i edit.. i talk about light like the biggest dork on the planet.. and the fact that others too get excited is so amazing. i am writing with my heart wide open and hoping to not sound braggy or like i think i am so cool.. {because we all know i am SO not, i mean really.. i am not}.. i feel SO blessed.. i feel SO gracious to all of YOU that really, really make me SO happy!  i really can not imagine topping this great year..  but i already have some amazing things on the books and i look forward to the exciting things to come.. i have to admit, every time i get "new client inquiry in my inbox, i still get a tinge of nervousness.. and when i go to meet a bride for the first time i feel a bit nauseous and clammy.. the love and confidence people have in me and my work is so unbelievable at times.. i love to think about how this time next year,  i will be a better photographer and will have learned that much more. my only business plan is to lead with my heart... and with that.. from the bottom of my cheesy and corny heart.. thank you friends for all your love, confidence and support.. i am giving you all an enormous virtual hug.. 


photo credit {the glow}


staceyp said...

Fawn, you are such an amazing person with such amazing talent. I love to see all of these special moments you are able to capture through those eyes of yours and lens. Hopefully this year I will be one of those special moments. I'll keep telling the world about you! Xoxo and cheers in 2012

75vette said...

Thanks for such an awesome post, Fawn! And congratulations on a fantastic year! You gave me hope for my own business as I enter month 3 haha :) Hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas! Looking forward to 2012, too :)