Thursday, December 01, 2011

one year later..



my lovely anne and danny.. 
i shot their engagement photos..
their wedding celebration photos.. 
and now these first christmas card photos.. 
it hit me this year as i had the amazing honor of repeat clients.. 
{sequins and candy is a bit over one year old}.. 
that i get to see so many wonderful families grow.. 
 my dear friends {because all my clients i consider my friends, whether they want to be or not}.. 
being a photog has so many more happy moments than i ever expected..
i sound so cheesy, i know but i gotta tell ya.. i love this gig for so many reasons..
and ahh-hemm..
it makes my heart SING when i get this beautiful sun flare STRAIGHT out of camera..
i fought long and hard to learn this and i think it is magical...
anne and danny of course are pretty darn magical themselves though..
gotta tell ya.

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mrs. o'connor said...

love them all! especially the ones with that dreamy flare ;) xo.