Friday, February 03, 2012

happy birthday to me.

today is my birthday..
yesterday my grandma told me she is so proud of me that if she "had buttons, they would pop.."
and a great friend of mine told me i am the "bee's knee's.."
I had a great girls lunch with my mom and little sis...
that is a pretty great day!
i feel great about my life, where i am, what i have done, and my plans on where i am going..
i feel very loved.
the older i get the more i am ok with imperfections, in myself and others..  embracing the crazy moments.. and being comfortable in my own skin {wrinkles and all.. ahh-hemm}.. 
it really feels great.
life is pretty darn fabulous and i am one blessed chica..
happy birthday to me.
  i am camping at the beach with the family this weekend.
i am so excited.
stay tuned for a few photos.
{of course}

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