Thursday, June 21, 2012

engagement session on a sailboat..yes. a wonderful sailboat.

so this is for real. yes. i shot an engagement session on a beautiful 41 year old wood sailboat that was built in nova scotia. it was amazing to say the least.. we had an amazing captain {captain ron} that was so sweet and he directed the boat to where i asked him too for that yummy light i am obsessed with capturing.. it was one of those moments that i kept asking myself if i was dreaming.. it was so awesome. i really honestly with all my heart can not believe how this photography journey is turning.. all these amazing couples, their love and trusting ME to capture it.. ME. REALLY? 
{sorry. i get emotional..i know. i know i am just so happy and in awe of it all..}
this couple is so wonderful, they are from the bay area and they flew down to have this session with me on a very sentimental boat. their story is amazing.. he was the sailboat instructor, she was the student,the captain that sailed us this GORGEOUS evening is a dear friend and was honored as was i, to be a part of this moment..they live in the bay area, they prefer, love and drink good beer, she is vegan and they are both so gorgeous it's almost not tolerable.. they are getting married in sausalito in november and yours truly will be there to document it all.. i am beyond honored and i have to tell you honestly.. i stalked them a wee bit in the beginning...
i had a sneaking feeling she was fabulous and i think..
i guessed right.


Allison said...

All I can say is... L.O.V.E... period!

Tracey Murphy said...

So amazing! The light is perfect as usual! I especially love the one of them kissing with the light house in the back! So special :)

Lara said...

Seriously... WOWZA!!
This shoot is a dream realized and it's AMAZEBALLS!
Awesome job, Fawny!!