Friday, July 13, 2012

Big Sur through photos..

the traveling itself i even loved, climbing in the car with my family and hittin' the road.. it was the best feeling ever.
it was a gorgeous drive and i was stunned with the beauty when we arrived..
none of these photos are edited.. 
this is pure, straight out of camera delicious big sur..


{instagram photo}

{nepanthe restaurant.. it was delicious and so beautiful}

{instagram photo and an ap called phonto for text.. LOVE it}

{yes a waterfall into the ocean! so stunning}

{california poppy!}

{a beautiful mistake}

{instagram favorite part of the day was in the brisk 42 degree morning, sitting bundled with a little morning campfire and a cup of coffee.. i miss it!}

{until next year big sur.. and a longer stay}

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Kalista said...

Love your photos!! I'm dying to go back to Big Sur and your trip is just making my longing even stronger. So glad you guys had a great time!