Tuesday, August 07, 2012

family photos

this adorable family.. 
ohh..i can't stop gushing about how amazing they are. i met katherine back in the day when we worked at anthropologie together.. her and her hubby, mark are both photographers as well. great photographers i might add. i did their photos last year and i am beyond flattered that they asked me to shoot them again.. i just love how this job of mine is so sentimental.. i get to see these families grow together.. every year.. i get frazzled at times as i juggle my girls, hubby, the house, playdates, my weddings, the housework{ahh-hem}..  i actually thought for a moment that i was not going to do families anymore..
when i walked away from this shoot, i was so happy and couldn't wait to start editing, as a mom i know what it means to have a family photo, that photo of you and your kids or {gasp!} a photo cute with your husband.. and as crazy as i get with weddings, i will make it a priority to shoot families as well.. and? i HAVE to shoot all my brides when they have babies! i could never say no to that!
i really can't say thank you enough to everyone and their support and love for my work.. it is such a dream..
really. it is.


ali said...

last shot $$$$

Lara said...

gorgeous.. as always <3

fawn christiansen of sequins and candy photography said...

thanks ladies.. you are always so nice to me :) xoxo