Thursday, August 16, 2012

summer family photos.. and signing off for summer.

 makena had her birthday and it was amazing! we went to dinner with some of her friends and did a movie at the pool.. then. ended it with a slumber party!

 i made her this cake .. i dyed white frosting a lighter blue and used fruit roll ups for seaweed, swedish fish for fish and ground up graham crackers for sand.. we had the shells lying around in art boxes..

i am obsessed with succulents and cactus these days.. maybe because i feel that i have  a green thumb but it is really by default.. they are ridiculously hard to kill.. i grouped these 3 together and put a big jar over the top.. i love it. mostly the pink cactus..

 i have been making these little pizzas and i can't stop... drop an egg on top and cook it in the oven.. it is heavenly.. oh and avocado on your pizza? it is divine..
that is ricotta cheese, tomato and pizza sauce too..
i use trader joes flatbread for the crust.. it's perfect.
minor details tho.. the goods are that egg and avo.. man. it is so good!

Morning light
now for some iphone photos.. 

these are my favorite because they are everyday and they are random and they tell a story.. 

 this photo was a morning and the girls were sleeping in extra late.. so i grabbed my coffee and swayed in the hammock and this morning light was smiling at me..
ahh.. the little things.. 

Morning wedding
we have been spending a lot of time at the beach..
makena stood up on a surfboard and caught 4 waves 2 days ago..
proud mama moment..


we went to the childrens museum in san diego.. it is a pretty amazing place..
lots of inspiration.

that movie in the pool again.. so fun.


lots of bbq-ing going on.. love this rainbow of veggies..

Ice cream
lots of cotton candy ice cream cones..
thrifty ice cream?? the bomb.

Morning swims
morning swims..

Junior topknot
my top knot obsession... and what i would do to have the hair color.. 

Lemon blossoms
 these lemon blossoms are SO good.. here is the recipe..
if i can bake them, you can.. it is from a couple boxes my friends.. you can do it!

Jazz in the park
we went to jazz in the park with friends and it was so fun.. the kids dances and played.. we ate and drank.. it was such a fun summer night..

Dinner with a friend

running away with a friend for dinner and great girl talk is a great highlight this summer too.. i really have some amazing girlfriends and i feel so blessed..


painting our toes is a big event around here.. we have quite the collection and it's quite pretty to just look at huh?

The actress
we were at the museum and they asked chloe to answer some questions for a film.. she was really shy and so cute.. 

del mar races.. 
and. i won! don't know how but i won.. $64 in one race! "snackable" was good to me


another fab beach day.. that is my hubby and chloe.. so sweet.

so as summer comes to an end.. we are headed to lake tahoe for a week of camping! i am so excited to unplug.. to float the days away in the lake and to play scrabble by campfire at night..
follow me on instagram {fawnc} otherwise.. i will post photos when i return..

have a fabulous week my dear friends...

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