Monday, February 11, 2013

6 things.

okay.. so we bought a house! yes! uhh-huh!! we did! i want to shout it from the roof tops.. hear me roar.. we BOUGHT a house! i am still in total awe of it.. you know when things just line up and one thing after another just works.. this was one of those things.. we moved 12 house down.. same neighborhood, friends, school and street!! i didn't breathe a word about it because i am superstitious and didn't want to jinx it.. but yes. we are homeowners. it was a stressful 45 days and we are now settling in.
{iphone photo}

we did a small kitchen remodel before we moved in and i took photos. on my iphone. i am working on that post. i have not had time or energy to blog and i am sorry for the absence. but my awesome hubby worked his tail off.. the kitchen is so important to me, i think it is the heart of the home.. i am glad it all came together.. i was a bit worried for a moment {or two}
yes. we ripped off all 6 upper cabinets
yikes! right?

{iphone photo}

work is going to start up again soon, i have 2 wonderful engagement shoots this weekend and i have a feature coming up soon on an amazing blog i am so honored to be a part of. it is looking like another great year and i am just so blessed.
i took the facebook app off my phone. decided..i really do not need another distraction from what is in front of me. my girls are growing so darn quick and i just don't need that distraction. i AM on instagram and i love the idea of snapping a photo of my life and sharing it, two passions colliding to me. i love instagram.
i had a birthday. it was a weird one for me. i think the emotions of moving and adjusting to the new home, my girls decided they want separate rooms and then being another year older.. it wasn't a fabulously exciting birthday for me. i just wanted to be mellow.  hubby and i enjoyed a delicious dinner at burlap in del mar.  i went to la costa spa for a massage the day before which is like disneyland to me. seriously. the best place. ever. the day of my birthday we had a picnic on the beach with caprese and pink champagne. that was pretty amazing.
{iphone photo}

a friend of mine gifted these gorgeous sunbursts to me for my bday and they make me so happy.. i adore them. and her.  
{thanks angela}
i have learned that warming a house is pictures up, friends and family who visit,  cupcakes being made and lots of snuggles on the couch.. it is starting to feel better.
so glad this is finally OUR home.
{insert sigh of exhaustion here}


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