Thursday, November 07, 2013

thankful in san diego..

i have been enjoying the fall.. tremendously.. it is by far my favorite part of this year so far.. it is so crisp, dazzling and bright.. the ocean appears to have glitter sprinkled in it, the sky is SO blue.. 
i am so blessed to live here.. i am filled above my eyeballs with gratitude.. for so much.
i am loving everyone expressing thanks this month, it being thanksgiving, people make a point to look at the positive and wonderful things in their lives, people seem to have a skip in their step.. is that why? because we are focusing on the wonderful things?
 the 30 days of thanks game is all over the social media airwaves and i love it.
it is just so nice to hear everyone so happy.
i shot this photo last night..
right at sunset.
driving home from taking makena to soccer practice, i decided to run home, grab my camera and quickly drive down to the beach..
something was in the air and i had to snap it..
guess it's all that gratitude..

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