Tuesday, August 25, 2009

concert in the gardens

do you know of him??

he is a folk singer who use to be a teacher..

his name is steve and he sings kids songs titled "blah blah blah" and "sippy cup"...

kids everywhere LOVE him..

my girls on the other hand..

were a bit critical at first..


he won over this one..

about 5 minutes into it..

chloe kicked off her shoes..

once she was footloose and fancy free..

she was a rockstar..

she danced her little heart out...

let me tell you, the girl's got some moves..

grass between her toes, she danced, mingled, sang, cracked up and cheered after every song..

i actually thought for a moment she was acting a bit like a "groupie"..

makena on the other hand, thought it was too loud, did not want to dance and she stood in the back observing (covering her ears) the entire time..

it amazes me over and over again how opposite these two are and how they are their very own person..

i truly am one lucky gal to be front row, center for that show.. daily and forever :)

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