Friday, August 21, 2009

dr. visit

i am ready for this week to be over..

it has been a wild and crazy week with the girls..

i don't know, summer winding down..

the weather has been yucky..

cherry on top, we took chloe to the doctor for her 2 year old check up and she threw tantrums galore..

she suspended her little legs into the air when i picked her up to weigh her, refusing to drop them for the nurse..

she ripped at all the paper on the bed..
threw her shoes..
this of course gets makena going..
she's running in circles chasing her tail basically..
i AM the mom you look at and say "can't she control her kids?"

chloe fought (dirty i might add) with the dr. trying to examine her..
we chatted about these tantrums and i was begging for advice and he states the usual " she is 2, it will pass, just pick and choose your battles"..

i told him i do, afterall she SLEEPS in dresses because i gave up on that battle..


as the dr. was leaving he comments on how well she is talking and everything looks great..
he adds "you be good to your mommy chloe"

she replies in her sweetest little voice "oh-tttaaaayyyy, taaaaaannnnks.."
she really does have great manners..
and she has been an angel the rest of today..

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ali said...

i know how you feel. we have had a crazy week too. why is motherhood so hard sometimes? then on a good day it automatically erases a week of bad! hang in there! and way to go with the manners, chloe!