Tuesday, August 11, 2009

since she turned 5.

so, about a week before makena turned 5 i realized she had outgrown her shoes..
i did not tell her though..
i also noticed her tops were becoming "mid-riffs" and her dresses were now more like "tunics"..
i did not tell her that either..
the morning of her birthday when she came into our room while i was still snoozing, i peeled open my eyes and with a huge grin, threw myself to the other side of the bed and shouted..
"ohh my gosh makena!!! you are 5.. look how BIG you are!!"
i then grabbed her hands, feet and face and inspected them with all the ooooohh's and ahhhh's
i had the energy for..
"ohh my gosh, you turned 5 last night" i said it over and over again..
"here, pull my hand, see if you are stronger?"
i fell to the floor..
she was ecstatic..
running through the house like a superhero shouting..
"i am 5, i am 5, i am 5"
so we went to go buy shoes and this was my cherry on top!.. i was so excited..
"ohh my gosh! your toes are hanging over your sandals! your feet are too big for your shoes now!!"
ok but can i just tell you?
she skipped a WHOLE size! really..she did!
she went from a 10 to a 12????
ok- cue the screeching record player..
this little girl is growing like a weeeeeed!!
i can't take it! she is starting kindergarten in less than 3 weeks, skipped a shoe size, brushes her own hair, rides a bike, climbs trees, tells ME what her little sister is trying to say and picks veggies by herself from the garden she waters, loves and tends to.
daily i might add...
what's next?
her asking for the car keys?
she actually did ask me the other day if she could go for a walk by herself...
ya, she did...
can you believe that?
ya right..
a walk..
by herself..

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