Sunday, August 09, 2009

some today's..

today damian brought me home flowers just because..

today makena built a pyramid of deflated birthday balloons when she discovered the air conditioning vent for the first time..

today the girls danced and played for hours with those same deflated birthday balloons..

today he sang and juggled deflated birthday balloons..

(who knew deflated birthday balloons provided such great entertainment?)

today she got a barbie "big girl" bike and LOVES it.. ecspecially the streamers!!

(thanks grandma and grandpa)

today we put off potty training and potty training tea parties.. just for a tiny bit..

today i grew a GREEN thumb..

today she got her first tricycle..

today she went to a princess birthday party..

today she officially became a fish..

today we officially retired the polka dot dress.. yes we did!

*and whistle, that was a bad, bad purchase. i take full responsibility for that one.

**damian and i decided after this last washing to just neatly fold the dress and put it in her keepsake box to avoid the drama that unfolds EVERYTIME we try to take the dress off her and in hopes she will branch out and wear something new.

***and of course along the same lines, avoid ANOTHER picture of her wearing it!

today my beautiful niece turned one..

those are some of the "today's" i have been meaning to post but have been too pooped to blog!
3 cheers for sunday naptime! :0)

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