Tuesday, December 22, 2009

warning- a venting session is in your future..

so today i had 2 faces saying mommy, mommy well before 7am..
i got us dressed and out of the house for my dr. appt..
yes, i took them both..
we get there and come to find out i missed an appt and owe them an additional $40 for a no show...
as i am arguing with the receptionist makena yells across the waiting room "chloe pooped"..
i say "ohh nooo she didn't"..
ran over to her and "ohh yesss she did"
i proceeded to the bathroom to her clean up..
we went to jamba juice and chloe ended up tossing it on the seat and drank none of it.
we get home and i bake 2 dozen cookies and as i am pulling them out of the hot oven, i find a blob of green plastic on the bottom of the oven ( it was a melted chip clip)
i am sure the fumes most likely poisoned the entire 2 dozen cookies..
so.. i tossed them..
i also attempted an "art session" and busted out the easel..
20 minutes to set up.. 2 minutes of painting and 45 minutes of hosing down the kids, walls, floor and doing a load of wash trying to save yet another oufit from going in the trash..
i found an apple under a couch cushion, an old cup of milk under a bed and the girls bumped heads while twirling and singing, cried for 15 minutes then forgot why.

but aren't they precious?

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lisad said...

Sorry Fawn but I just laughed OUT LOUD at this one. It happened over a month ago, so it's OK to laugh....right?