Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the best gift of all..

i am so greatful for so much.
we had an amazing christmas filled with much love.
we went to church christmas eve, made cookies for santa and left carrots for the reindeer.
when morning finally arrive, the girls bolted down the hallway to see if santa had come..
they took their time opening every gift carefully..
we had christmas breakfast..
got in our christmas best..
climbed in the car and were off to grandma and grandpa's..
we spent the day with the whole family of aunt's, uncle's, great grandma, cousin's and..
it was AMAZING..
we ate lasagna..we then climbed back into the car to go see grandma, papa and aunt julia..
we opened even more gifts..
we ate eggplant parm..
we played wii, watched sleeping beauty and played tag.
it was a wonderful day.
we are so blessed to have so much love in our lives..

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