Wednesday, June 23, 2010

father's day

father's day weekend was amazing..
how beautiful was the weather?
kinda not fair to be honest..
mother's day weekend was gloomy mc' gloomerson..
i'm just sayin'..

we started off the weekend with a sunset hike around the lagoon..
we went to a fairy festival and then to have smores at the campgrounds with our best friends..
and on father's day we went to the beach
and of course the day was allll about food..
breakfast in bed with coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice, bacon, fried eggs and toast..
lunch was caprese sandwiches on the beach..
dinner was carne asada tacos..
 big stick popsicles and an evening bike ride topped it all off..
it was a well deserved beautiful day
for my most fabulous hubby..
 and wonderful daddy to our precious girls..
thank you for asking me to be your wife..

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