Wednesday, June 30, 2010


my fabulously fabulous friend lara just started a blog for all mama's to share fun adventures and ideas to do with your kids for the summer.. and beyond!
please participate!
this could be real good stuff!!
imagine the possibilities??

visit by clicking  HERE..
and put er' in your fav's!

let the adventures begin!
i can't wait to hear what everyone brings to the table!
 for my tiny part..
here is a tid bit..

i am so excited to share with everyone one of my favorite spots..
leo carrillo ranch!
for all tho locals.. it is right here in carlsbad, california..
it is a california historical landmark..
it is sooo beautiful..
27 acres of beautiful stone arches, bright colored doors, rustic barns, bridges, screaming peacocks galore, a swimming pool, windmills and all the nooks and crannies that even "alice" would love to explore.
it is FREE and a great place to pack a picnic, stomp the grounds and of course snap some great pictures!

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