Monday, July 26, 2010

growing up rainbows..

i have been wanting to make this cake forever.. this weekend i did.
it was a bit leaning tower of pisa-ish but overall, not bad for a
"i don't like to bake"
kinda gal..
my girls and all the neighborhood kids who came knocking because i think they smelled it in the air..
lahhhh-ved it!
besides that..
today i am off to a dr. appt for chloe's check up and to register her for pre-school..
seriously.. i can't take it.
i am going to be a mom of a 1st grader and prechool-er..
so crazy.
growing up. make it stop.
some sort of super power time freezing potion would be fabulous.
don't think it exists though..
does it?

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