Thursday, July 22, 2010

love to see this..

the girls are obsessed with books..
they even go to sleep with them..
i turn the corner and see this..
i love it...

the girls completed their summer reading program at the library and got their t-shirts last week..
makena LOVEs hers and chloe will not go near hers..
it is a T-SHIRT after-all?? not a dress??
{it is still in the plastic}
we had a fun pool party for makena with sno-cones..
we went to sunny palm springs for 3 days and stayed here..
water slides, lazy rivers, water park.. beautiful grounds..
it was so so so much fun..
my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named micah.. he has me wrapped already..
pictures coming soon! he is so handsome.
we saw toy story 3 and i cried..
seriously? what is wrong with me..honestly though..
 i really didn't see how they were getting outta there??
yes, chloe made it through a movie..
remember this post..
yes, i am but also..
the candy.
that is the secret weapon to get a toddler through a movie..
they last forever!!!
 and i am baking a rainbow cake!!
have you ever had or baked one?
it is very exciting!
in a cake!
6 layers high!!
does it get any better than that?
according to makena?

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