Friday, August 06, 2010


make-up free as usual..
i do not have time these days to even get a bang trim..
can you see how they are sort of "feathering"..
eyebrows need some plucking too..
life is good.
loco but good.
just this week..
a great night out with my girlfriends, kids played until sundown with their friends about every night, lots of pool time, i reconnected with some old besties, makena had her first sleepover, i have been messing up, then practicing ALOT and then LEARNING a lot about photography, i bought a new amazing vest from anthro and hubby and i are having a date night where i plan on wearing it..
a date.
what do you do on a date?
talk quietly..
eat food slooowly..
order wine?
sit next to eachother?
{ya. i think i want to be THAT annoying couple siting side by side in the booth}
a walk on the beach is a must.. right?
i am excited..

happy friday my friends.

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