Tuesday, August 03, 2010

she's got the look...

this is the look i get these days when i am practicing with my camera...
hand on hip and all.
i just got a new lense and am sooooo excited..
last night i was practicing with it and trying to get this sun flare down that i looove..
here is my model..
having such a great time..
i DID get the sun flare at least..

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Unknown said...

Fawn, I love these photos and blogs. I saw you just became friends with Rex on Facebook and followed your photo site to this website and it's all just awesome! I love that you love your girls and have captured those moments in life so well. Makes me wish I could express my memories like you could, because boy are they growing up fast! My husband Tim runs our blog and I love looking back on it, sandiegofloras Good luck and keep it up, it's great!
- Sarah