Monday, April 18, 2011

meals the easy way..

i use to have the time to cook long.. elaborate.. sort of fancy meals..
but that is not at all an option these days so i have a few staples that we love and seriously take NO time..
trader joe's..
love trader joe's.
love. love.
{ok.. moving on}

i slice up a muti-grain loaf and toast it..
i spread on some cream cheese..
i slice up some juicy tomatoes and layer on top and finally my FAVORITE food on the planet..
some sea salt and cracked pepper..

this is a great dinner..
add 3 chicken breast to the crock pot on low with this salsa verde in the morning..
forget about it..
around dinner time take a peek..
shred the chicken..
warm a tortilla on a flat pan..
add some shredded cheese..
then this corn salsa {that is seriously SO delicious}..
now your shredded chicken from the crock pot..
and of course avocado..
roll her up into a fat burrito..
sour cream is good inside too..

i am all about easy and clean food for our meals..
i can only try my best and certainly.. i am not perfect by any means..

i am also obsessed with diet coke and hazelnut coffee creamer..
not sure if i could live without those two..
i am such a hypocrite sometimes..

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