Monday, April 18, 2011


 the girls read in bed every night before bed..
they love it..
makena is on to chapter books now..
so crazy..
no pictures?
she reads more than i do..

 chloe reads anything with a tutu, princess or pink on the cover..
lots of pictures..
but last night she picked up a hannah montana chapter book and pretend read..
whatever works!

we ran the la jolla half marathon this weekend..
13.1 miles..
it was amazing and i can't wait to do another one!!
i will have a picture up soon..
i bought a bright turquoise tank for the picture..
err.. race..

makena makes wishes with each bubble she blows..
$1000 is my favorite one so far.

chloe loves to accessorize..
silly bands are the latest favorite..
can't blame a girl for wanting to add a splash of color to an outfit..

1 comment:

Lara said...

Congratulations on the Marathon!!!
Rockstar! I know you looked fab in your new tank top. too!