Monday, May 02, 2011


i have been wanting to do a gigantic piece of colored, splattered, sprayed, crazy art for a LONG time.. 
i did it..
with a little helper..


she just does NOT like the camera...
i gave her an old canvas that was in their room to do with what she wants..
we put on some music and painted away...
it was such a special day for me.
i just loved how into it she was..


this picture makes my heart sing...
little chloe splattering..
she was going crazy.
it was in her hair..
all over her feet..
for once, she was ok with getting a bit dirty..

 she got this technique down quick..
who knew a 96 cent spray bottle could be so much fun...
really, if you want to something to entertain your kids for HOURS..
i am not kidding, a spray bottle with water.
they get very creative and think it is greatest thing ever!


here is my final project..
i haven't painted since art class in college and it felt fabulous..
i loved every second.
i mean, it's no pollock {by ANY stretch}
but it's mine and very special that chloe and i had this day together..
                  makena was so impressed when she came home and saw it.. she was hilarious...
she kept saying..
"mommy.. you are a really good artist.. i mean REALLY REALLY good.."
ahh..unconditional love.
mom can do no wrong.
enjoy it now.
{i am going to enjoy every second of that glory before i am having to drop her off on the corner so she can walk the rest of the way to school..}

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