Monday, May 02, 2011

some spring time "i want's".. or mother's day.. i mean whatever.?

this dress from urban outfitters..
is it the dress or this backdrop and her hair that make me want it so bad?
either way..

i love adding a scarf or statement necklace to a regular ''mom" outfit..
you seem done up but secretly..
you know your aren't..

i love me skinnies don't get me wrong..
but i am slowly being overtaken with my wide cut amigas..

i am a sucker for cardigans and this one is creme and sable..
i think i'd wear it everyday..

this would be numero uno on my list..
a new denim shirt {*sigh* for this one is perfectly vintage..} 
but as always j crew does the trick..
and a messy bun..
i love love love love love. 

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Maryam Fortuna said...

love this. i want more.