Monday, May 23, 2011

step by step rainbow cake!

So the fail proof.. you are going to get gasps.. giggles and yippee's galore, cake..
also known as rainbow cake..
i am NOT a martha stewart.. i really am new to this baking thing, i do not have the patience for it..
i read the ingredients and measurements out loud.. and i repeat them until the ingredient is in the actual bowl.. promise. i really do. it's kind of embarassing... 
i used 3 boxes of white cake mix and 5 cans of vanilla frosting.. nothing homemade here.. add eggs, water and oil...and some dye.. here is how i did it..

 add all ingredients of 1 cake box at a time, mix and get the cake mix creamy and pretty..
i did 1 box at a time to simplify..

here are the GEL dyes i used..
i have been told you have to use gel..
i do not know if that is true or not..
my cakes were a pastel shade of every color but i looooooooove that...

so i separated the box after mixed into two bowls  (i eye balled the portions)
then dyed each bowl and poured it into separate (9" round cake pans..)
bake according to package directions..
under bake a bit.
that is a secret i have learned along the way too..

do you see those fingers that keep sneaking in the picture?

do the same with all colors..

the turquoise was my favorite color.

so once they have cooled.. shave off the top layer so that the cake is totally even and flat on top..
this way when you stack it, it doesn't bend and crack..

stack em' up and frost in between..
i tucked wax paper along the bottom while frosting and pulled it out when done so the plate didn't get too dirty..

i chilled it in the fridge for a couple hours before the party..

isn't she pretty..
i rode shotgun on the way to the park with the cake on my lap, so stresssed out..
can you imagine if it toppled or fell on the way over..
it wasn't my party so i couldn't "cry if i want to"
baa dumm- dumm- chhh!

i think we could of just done cake and called it a day..
that's all the girls were talking about.. 


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