Saturday, May 21, 2011

rainbow for she is 4



so she is officially 4.
it has been a crazy, fun, stressful, sweet road so far.
chloe is a girly girl..
a passionate girl..
a strong willed girl..
a cuddly girl..
she is our youngest and i think we do baby her a bit.
everything she does is the last..
we are not having anymore babies so this girl is it.
she brings so much to our family.
remember the movies?
remember her dress?
remember her shenanigans?
i remember the stress because she started school that september and had to be trained by then so it worked out in the end but ugh! potty training is so stressful!
sleepless mornings?
this morning she turned four and we told her how much bigger her feet were and how she grew a couple inches..
she is so proud and while zipping through the park on her plasma car shouting "this is the best day evvvv-errrrrrr!!!!!" i was ear to ear grins and so in love it brought tears to my eyes.
i love my little chloe and am looking forward to what this next year brings.
i am hoping for some kind of dust to sprinkle on her and stop her from growing any bigger...
i would sprinkle it on makena for sure too.

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