Friday, June 03, 2011

a fabulous lady wearing many hats.

so this lovely lady is maryam.. 
she wears many hats and they all look quite fabulous on her..
not only is she GORGEOUS but she is one of the sweetest people i have ever met..
i had the pleasure of doing her family portraits you see right there.. up top..
you can see more photos here..

she started this amazing company green you air..
they offer gorgeous plants that purify your air and look fantastic..
you have seen one in my room..
isn't it beautiful?
there is a giveaway going on with her plants..
here is THAT link..
it is another fabulous blog.. pepper design that i am addicted to as well.
it is a horrible addiction..
yikes! it is bad..
this is a good one though..
well.. there is more i want to share with you..
and you are going to LOVE this one too!
she started a style blog for nursing moms and Francescas Collections is offering her readers and pals 30% off through the month..
i wanted to share those two goodies with you..
well.. 3 including fabulous maryam..
or 4 with pepper design blog being another one!!!
enjoy and good luck!!

1 comment:

Maryam Fortuna said...

Get out of town! You are too, too kind.

And by the way, your grandma and me might have to go head-to-head for your biggest fan title!!