Monday, July 18, 2011


my little makena. 
she turned 7 on friday.
you know how people ask you if you feel any older when you have a birthday?
well, i asked makena and she said yes.
and i have to say..
i couldn't agree more.
she is for sure older.
she is acting bigger.
and braver.
sassier. {ahh-hem}
and maybe even prettier if that is possible.
this is her last day of being 6 on her bike.

we surprised makena on her birthday morning with the gift of piercing her ears..
followed by a pizza pool party with the neighbors..
and who was the luckiest girl really on this day?
little chloe.
makena's response was only if chloe can too and she had to go first..
same at the dentist and pretty much anywhere makena feels a bit scared.
chloe of course leaped to the sky with a YES!! she climbed in that chair at the store so fast, crossed her legs and she didn't wince a bit..
makena was up next and she DID wince..
but NOT a tear..
happy birthday my sweet 7 year old..
you make me so proud to say you are mine and i explode with love for you..

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