Monday, July 18, 2011


it has been a whirl wind of just STUFF.
i am so blessed and excited that sequins and candy is keeping me busy.
i am having a hard time balancing my everyday.
i have had the amazing opportunity to shoot a couple weddings with a fellow local photog and it has given me great, great experience for my 2 weddings quickly approaching..
i am sooo happy about these..SO happy...
if you could see my house?
my laundry?
my floors?
the toys, barbies and food i find everywhere.
oh. my. goodness.
my house is a disaster.
i am so thankful for my wonderful supportive husband.
he is the calm in my craze.
thank goodeness he doesn't expect dinner on the table and slippers at the door when he comes home..
it's more like why is the tv on and nobody is anywhere to be found..
oh. they are up the street and is anybody going to eat this string cheese and apple i just found on the couch?

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