Thursday, July 14, 2011

ahhhh-camping we will go!

so we went camping..girls trip..
it was me and 3 other moms..
it was 12 kids.
yes. 12 kids..
there was a lot of action..
the girls rode bikes, skipped rocks, saw horses, camels, cows and sheep on the ride up..
they all had dirty dirty.. i mean
..fiiillltttthhhyy feet..
the kids were in heaven..
 i have to say, one of my very favorites things was sleeping in our tent in between them..
aren't kids so darn adorable when they sleep?
so peaceful and sweet..
{i mean, not that they aren't all the time.. ahh-hem}
chloe curled up next to me and we chit chatted before she fell fast asleep.. meanwhile makena was in the next tent over.. reading a book with a friend by flashlight before she eventually made her way over to us..
 camping is quite the process..  
it's not my favorite thing to do..
which i realized on this trip..
 {i felt like quite the princess when i caught myself washing my feet before our car ride home}  
but it is for the girls..
and we will do it again and again because 
the smiles and memories are worth it all..






and here are some iphone photos..

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Maryam Fortuna said...

I feel the same EXACT way about camping! Such a sweet recount Fawn!