Friday, September 02, 2011

pinch me. pinch me again.. harder.

ok so.. 
one day a little lady is sitting on her computer editing, blogging, facebooking or tweeting away..
an email pops up inviting this lady to participate in a photo contest for lee jeans...
grand prize winner wins trip for 2 to new york during fashion week and your photo will be used for advertising purposes...
basically a contest to participate in representing her life.. 
the email said really nice stuff about her photography, cute children and would i she be interested?
she sat wide eyed and with chin hitting the keyboard..
she immediatley forwarded the email to her hubby..
"is it spam? it this real?" she titled the forwarded email.
in the meantime, she grabbed a big bowl of chocolate ice cream and re-read the email..
hubby got back right away and said no, it's legit. i have heard of that pr company.
so this stunned lady still sitting at her computer, emails lee jeans back saying she would be honored and what are the next steps..
they sent her product that she requested and her mind started working..
what is her life everyday?
"life in lee" was the contest title.
her life.
so with the AMAZING support of her fabulous friend and neighbor who modeled the jeans 
{1 month after having twins i might add}
this photoshoot was put together in stunned lady's house..
all amongst kids running in and out and the neighborly "hi how is it going check in's"..
a week or so went by and she submitted the photo and forgot about it..
what are the odds really?
do people really win these things?
she was just honored to of been asked to participate..
fast forward out of the blue..
and the lady gets a phone call from a foreign area code and lets it go to voicemail..
then she gets an email on her way out the door titled on behalf of lee..
 i am the lucky lady!!
the mr. and i are headed to new york next week!!!!!
during fashion week!
so crazy!
so crazy!
so here is my photo that won..
ha! i can't believe i won!
so do you get it? trying to be glamorous, juggling a girl girl and a sporty girl and all their glory.., baking amongst a mess, skinnies {always} and sequins of course ..


Unknown said...

OMG, what a coincidence! I won a Starbucks/People magazine contest for a $1000 shopping spree with a stylist in NYC, airfare and hotel included. People do win!

Stacy Donovan Zapar said...

Yay Fawn! You TOTALLY deserve it! So proud of you!! And to think, I can say "I knew you when..." :)