Thursday, October 13, 2011

blogging when she was 2..

there are some hilarious stories of little c when she was 2 years old.. she is still a firey little girlhere and there..but there are not as many {now} funny stories to blog about.. posts like this are why i am so happy i decided to start blogging.. looking back as i cry of laughter, sweet moments and just the everyday are priceless.. i remember starting this blog and telling a "friend" and she in turn asked me if i thought starting a blog was self indulgent? i remember saying no {and being insulted}.. but i didn't realize how much i meant it.. 
until years later...

here is {c} at 2 years old..
i wrote this in june of 2009.

this princess crown makes her sing... as soon as it is set on top of her head..
she sings...
she dances...
and NOW she will not take her princess shoes of her feet...
i mean even for bed..
she wears them to bed..
i bow out gracefully.. often.
she is now obsessed with the toilet wand.. no i am not speaking of a magical princess wand named "toilet"..
i am talking about the actual toilet wand.. the one you use to clean the toilet.
she also loves to take a cup from the bath, fill it with toilet water and dump it back to the bathtub..
do you know what this means??
umm.. i have to clean my child, tub, toilet and floor immediatley.. lovely right?!
she is obsessed with pirates booty to the point we play tug o' war with the huge costco size bag and she usually wins hands down..
nummmmmyyyyy.. bitey and milkkkkkkkkkkk are her favorite words..
she does not like shopping carts, and has learned to squat while buckled in just to let me know she does not have to sit even if i do say so.. she will squat, thank you very much..
she loves to STAB at the pin pad while i am checking out...
loves to open candy, hand sanitizer, mascara.. whatever she can get her hands on from that "impulse buy" shelf..
obsessed with how many wipes she can whip out of the container in the fastest speed possible before i hear her and coming racing down the hall..
she does not like her diaper when it gets too wet. she rips it off and throws it wherever her little heart desires...then pees, slips on the pee and is mad. (potty training hint.. i know, i know)
she thinks her little potty is a step stool to the towel rack where she HANGS like a monkey...
smarty pants gingerly places her head down on the HARD wood floor before throwing a tantrum..
she likes to bring me rolly polly's from the garden and throw them at my feet..
she eats shredded cheese like a puppy and says "dawwwwgeeeee"

she is 2...
ohhh yes she is..

(insert sigh of exhaustion here)

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