Thursday, October 13, 2011

hex bracelet update

so as you may know..
i have been selling these hex bracelets..
i had a client buy one off my wrist and have been selling them ever since..
they are fabulous gifts..
for you.. or a friend..
i hooked up with a company and got a great deal on a large quantity of hex nuts so my pricing is now a bit lower at $20 for a single strand and $30 for 2 strands {as shown in photo}..
i am also offering a free shipping discount to all you lovely readers.. 
so stock up ladies {and boy?}..
i have a paypal button on the left sidebar all set up for you..
i am all about ease and simplicity..
{i'm trying anyway}
so enjoy..
and thank you..


Anonymous said...

i've been wanting to buy one (or two) of these for weeks now! i'm on it!

theSIREN said...

i want one of these bracelets. do they come in different colors?

fawn said...

thanks ladies! i am so happy to hear the love!! as for other colors.. i could do steel {silver} hex nuts but the twine is all i offer for the rope. let me know and i would be happy to make a steel on for you! xx-f

San Diego Momma said...

Yes! I want a steel double row! Where do I go to purchase?

Kind of a dope,

fawn said...

hi deb!! there is a button on the left sidebar of my blog. you can purchase through there and i will remember you want steel! i am excited to make a steel one! you'll be my first!! xx

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to say Hi and we love reading your blog! Would you be interested in a swap!!