Monday, October 17, 2011

a chair do-over..

these u.g.l.y. chairs i bought off craigslist for $40..
there were 3 more for a total of 6.
yes. that is less than $7 a chair..
good bones. i knew they had potential.

i sprayed them with a high gloss white paint..
i bought some amazing fabric from spoonflower..
they have great modern and fresh prints..

i do not have a fancy technique or secret to tell you about reupholstering but to pull the fabric tight and the more staples the better..
i bought a staple gun for $20 at home depot and it is the best money ever spent..
you need one.
the corners could be tricky but just fold them like when you're wrapping a gift and remember staple staple and then.. staple once more..
nice and smooth..
try to line up your print..
i did say {try}..

there she is..

i can not tell you how much a print does for a space..
i love print and have tried to "keep it simple" with solid accents..
then i always go back to a print and feel that everything is just right again..
so my advice..
go for print..


Anonymous said...

Um...ok, can you please come over to do my place and do the same thing? Great, thanks. :)

marlo noël said...

Fawn, those look amazing! You should seriously be on Nate Berkus for that right there.

sequins and candy said...

you are both so sweet! thank you!!!